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Age: 2.5 to 5 years
Child to Staff Ratio: 1:8 (one caregiver for every eight preschoolers)
Program Coordinator: Shantih L. (RECE)

STAFF: Samantha H. (RECE), Krystel Q. (RECE) and Viji B.

Burgeoning personalities become increasingly apparent at the preschool age,

and each child’s unique nature is nurtured and supported in our preschool program.

With many of our preschoolers headed for kindergarten following their time at

Pat Schulz, we focus on various early skills in everyday play experiences.

We provide support and education around preschoolers’ natural observations

and questions about the world around them.

We are licensed for 24 preschoolers and have 4 full-time staff, adhering to a 1:8 ratio.

Our preschoolers are provided opportunities for repeated practice, emerging skills

and active play. They participate in various group activities and are provided with many opportunities to share their unique thoughts, beliefs and interests in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Preschool Program

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