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Infant Program

Age: Birth to 1.5 years
Child to Staff Ratio: 1:3 (one caregiver for every three infants)
Program Coordinator: Munthaj J. (RECE)

Staff: Cecilia P. (RECE), Emma M. (RECE), Janice P, Karuna S.

Infants are learning about their world largely through their senses and a multitude

of play experiences. Many of our activities support the unique sensory exploration

of this age group. This includes water play, sand tables, toys with different

textures and sounds, music and song time, finger painting and various artistic

activities, and many more. We structure our daily routines to provide a sense of stability, security and routine for our infants, while introducing diverse and dynamic sensory, verbal and emotional development on a regular basis.

We are licensed for 10 children and we adhere to a 1:3 ratio in our infant room at all times. There are four full-time staff in the room to ensure ratios are met, with one part-time staff from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm every day. The program is structured around each child’s individual needs. Our schedule is flexible to provide easy transitioning throughout the day.

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