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Our Centre: Philosophy and Approach

​Pat Schulz Child Care Centre believes that:

CHILDREN are entitled to opportunities that support their emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical growth and development in an environment that fosters active learning, autonomy, democratic freedom, multiculturalism and a sense of responsibility and order.

PARENTS have the primary responsibility for the care and education of their children.  They also have the right to pursue financial security, further their education and/or personal fulfillment. Parents are entitled to control the operation of the child care program and be involved and informed of the daily life of the Centre as an integral part of their experience.​

STAFF have chosen their work because of their belief in the importance of the task and the suitability of their skills and education to the role, as well as a strong commitment to the development of children. Staff are entitled to open communication, job descriptions, performance reviews, financial recognition relevant to the value of their work, opportunities for development and direct input into making decisions.​

PAT SCHULZ CHILD CARE CENTRE believes that an optimum early child care and education centre must support positive relations between children, parents and staff.  Such programs supplement and complement parental care in a nurturing, educational environment that promotes non-sexist, anti-racist values.​

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