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Toddler Program

Age: 1.5 to 2.5 years
Child to Staff Ratio: 1:5 (one caregiver for every five toddlers)
Program Coordinator: Barbra B. (RECE)

STAFF: Stephanie G. (RECE), Selvi V. (RECE) and Ambreen W.

The toddler room is bustling with emerging personalities and children learning

and processing real-world experiences through play. Our programming

supports the toddler’s quest for independence and continual exploration of

the world around them. We focus on self-directed play, language

development, self-help skills and motor development. We direct our programs

according to the interests of our toddlers and include many different activities throughout the day.

We are licensed for 15 toddlers and have 3 staff, adhering to a 1:5 ratio. Activities are planned and implemented daily to support children’s autonomy, social development and emerging skills. The outdoor environment is an integral extension of play for our toddlers and provides additional and unique learning opportunities. We emphasize the importance of physical activity and exercise, and focus on our outdoor time as an opportunity for enhancing coordination and physical skills.

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